New DVD Now Out


Just wanted to let you know that my new DVD, A Visit with Natasha Wing, is now out.

I produced this DVD so that schools could use it in their classrooms as an introduction to a children’s book author and writing. It’s a simple and entertaining romp at my home office where kids can witness my writing process. At the end of the show I read The Night Before Kindergarten. For all you kindergarten teachers, it would be an excellent ice-breaker for the first day of school.

There’s a sneak preview on my web site. Just click on this post’s headline and it will link you. Enjoy!


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  1. Hey Tasha! Glad to see you are now able to market the DVD that we at KEET-TV helped you produce.Last year I showed the DVD for the first time at our Ready To Learn Kindergarten Here I Come Share a Story Times. Parents, teachers and librarians alike asked how to get a copy.Not only did they see it as a tool for reassuring parents and children about this big step in life, they also saw it as a great tool for teaching about creativity and perseverance. Plus, they liked the ideas of being able to have you visit any time by just plugging in the “Virtual Tasha.

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