Library Lovers’ Month


Raise your hand if you love the month of February!

Being born in February, I happen to think it’s the greatest month in the calendar. But think about it – there are so many fun celebrations that it’s like a Mardi Gras parade from start to finish. And what a finish! Some years there are 28 days. Some years, 29. Like this year!

Here are some of the celebrations happening in February:

Black History Month
2 – Groundhog Day
7 – Chinese New Year, Year of the Rat (that’s me!), and Charles Dicken’s Day
11 – Thomas Edison’s Birthday
12- Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday
14 – Valentine’s Day
22 – George Washington’s Birthday
29 – Leap Year Day

For a list of more holidays and celebrations, go to

It’s also Library Lovers’ Month, honoring the value of school, public and private libraries. So don’t forget to thank a librarian for all of his or her help. You can click on this posting’s headline to connect to a site with ideas of how to celebrate Library Lover’s Month.

Also, it’s a big time for elementary school kids – the 100th Day of School! That’s when kids bring in 100 things to celebrate being in school for 100 days. Check out my book The Night Before the 100th Day of School for some ideas.


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