Oh, to be 12 again


Today is Leap Year Day and wouldn’t it be fun to be born on this day? Then you could choose if you want to celebrate your birthday in February or March. And every four years, you’d have a bang-up birthday celebration on your real birthday. If it was my birthday today, I’d be 12!

Here’s a thought for Leap Year Day. What if on this bonus calendar day you could time travel for 24 hours. Where would you go? What would you hope to see?

I’d probably go to the future to see if endangered species made a comeback. And if the polar caps really melted. Or maybe I’d travel back in time to when I was 12 and didn’t worry about world events.

Thankfully, writing allows me to be any age and anywhere I want to be. But right now I need to be a grownup and get back to my taxes.


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