My Cat, My Muse


Or should it be meuws?

Two writer friends, Mary Nethery and Barbara Kerley, along with their cats, Asta and Apollo, collaborated with Jemima and me and wrote The Curse of the Amber Baboon, a fast-paced adventure set in Egypt with cats as the main characters (I wonder whose idea that was!).

We’ve been getting lots of positive feedback from editors, but it seems that many are asking for more character development. So it’s back to the keyboard to revise, to deepen our characters’ personalities and reveal more of their backstories.

What a great gift time has been. In the year or so since I’ve reread our manuscript, I’ve learned more about writing by reading books about writing and working with a skilled Scholastic editor who helped me revise a chapter book for young readers. I have also been reading more chapter books and novels with an eye to studying author techniques. So it is with great and renewed excitement that Jemima and I get our paws on the manuscript to breath more life into our characters. If you don’t hear from me for a while, I’ll either be madly retyping, in revision meetings with the collaborators, or taking long cat naps with Jemima.


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