Books Take Silver and Bronze


In the spirit of the Summer Olympics, I’m proud to represent my genre and announce that two of my books have taken the silver and bronze on the August 18 issue of Publishers Weekly Children’s Picture Book Bestsellers list! The Night Before Kindergarten is in the number 2 spot, and The Night Before First Grade grabbed the number 3 spot.

I’d like to thank my coaches, my agent, my editor, my publisher and all the fans out there who supported me in my dream to someday be number one.


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  1. To the person who asked about a Night Before Second Grade – no, I have not written one, but I am working on two new ones. Thanks for enjoying my books, though. They are fun to write!

  2. I told you your books were the best. I am happily teaching a 1st and 2nd grade combination class at a local charter school. We have already read The Night Before First Grade and The Night Before the Tooth Fairy. We love to add a little role playing to our reading comprehension!Keep writing!Marti Hinckley

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