Off to New York City


I’m so excited to be heading back East this week for a fabulous vacation. Over Columbus Day weekend, I’m going to my high school reunion with my best friend from high school, Chris. I haven’t seen all but two of the people attending for 30 years, so it will certainly be a mind trip. We’re having the Saturday night dinner at my old swim and tennis club where I used to race on the swim team until I figured out I was better at tennis, then played on the tennis team. My first job other than babysitting, was as the assistant to the tennis pro. The club was just a short walk to the end of my cul-de-sac on Birchwood Drive, then a cut through the woods. My brother, sister and I used to spend all day at the club, so it will be interesting to see it after all this time as well. I’m also staying with a family friend who still lives behind my childhood house, so I’ll be back in the old neighborhood for another time warp.

After the reunion, I’m taking the train into New York City for a day to meet with my agent, Linda, who has represented me for nine years. Then I’m traipsing around the city and meeting with my new editors from Henry Holt and Scholastic Book Club, and the editor of my latest book, Go to Bed, Monster! Two other places on my list are Books of Wonder bookstore and a cupcake bakery. Then the rest of the vacation time I will visit with my sister, Nina, and her husband, and hopefully view the spectacular fall colors. Oh, I do miss New England this time of year.


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