Day of the Little Angels


Last night Dan and I joined friends Wade and Barrie Love for a fun night out for Halloween (Wade seen here as a “Legend in his Own Mind” and me as a “Doll from the Island of Misfits”). We went to the Arcata Plaza and paraded around and danced at the Jambalaya. Dan and I love to see how creative people get with their costumes. There was a great pterodactyl, a creepy bride of Frankenstein, and a funny Bert and Ernie. The weather was balmy, it almost felt like we were in Mexico celebrating Day of the Dead instead.

Speaking of which today is Dia de los Angelitos, Day of the Little Angels, where people celebrate the return of the spirits of deceased little children. I wrote a story called Angelina’s Ofrenda about this Mexican celebration which rather than mourn the death of a young one, pays tribute their happy memories. An ofrenda or altar with the child’s favorite toy, food, sugar animals and skulls – and a candle to light the way for the little angel – is set up in the home to guide the spirit back. Today I will light the altar in my office in hopes of guiding an editor to my manuscript.


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