Say it With a Book


At the booksigning last night at Eureka Books I engaged into a conversation with a woman who brought up a good point. She says she gives my books to her friends instead of cards. For a friend who was expecting, she gave her The Night Before the New Baby. Instead of a “Thanksgiving from Across the Miles” card, she sent a The Night Before Thanksgiving book. Her point was that the book cost about the same amount as a card – $3.99 – but said so much more and wouldn’t be thrown out. Imagine how many books could replace those “Thinking of You” cards? This year, why not give your friends and family a funny book – The Night Before the Night Before Christmas – instead of a card, and say Merry Christmas in a special way, instead of in one catchy line.


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  1. I bought my 5 yr old this book and she loves it! She giggles through the whole book and we have read it every night before bed since getting it! Thanks for such a great book! I plan on buying the other Night before books as well!

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