New Chapter Book


I am happy to announce that with this new year, I have a new book out! This is my first chapter book, and I must say, it was a blast to write. Pearl vs. the Tooth Fairy started off as a picture book which morphed into a hybrid picture book/graphic novel, which morphed into an easy reader. Then when Scholastic Book Clubs decided to take it on, it became a chapter book. I worked with the most wonderful editor, Jenne Abramowitz, who guided me through shaping this story into a quick-paced, fun read. It’s leveled at 2.0, but first graders will find its reading level appropriate for them as well.

The premise of the story is a girl, Pearl Ruby, loses her first tooth. Being the collector that she is, Pearl decides to keep it and start a tooth collection. Well you can imagine what the Tooth Fairy feels about this decision!

The illustrations by Lynne Avril are adorable and, like fairy dust, are sprinkled throughout the chapters rather than just at the beginning of chapters. One mom told me her daughter who likes to read “big kid” chapter books also asks when the next picture will be, so this book satisfies readers who want both.

Pearl vs. the Tooth Fairy is only available through Scholastic Book Clubs. I was told it is listed in the Seesaw newsletter on page 3 for $3.00. So if your school partakes in this book club, be sure to include Pearl on your order form. Thank you!


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