Clever Book Idea


You know how when you were a kid and went to a restaurant, your parents – or the waitress – would give you crayons to color on the paper placemats while you waited for your food to arrive. Some placemats even had pictures kids could color in. Well, artist Deborah Zemke (who illustrated my book The Night Before First Grade) has taken that concept and made an interactive book called Doodles at Dinner: 36 Tearoff Placemats. She helps jumpstart the doodling process by showing how to, for instance, make a heron out of the number 4. You could keep a kid busy for hours with this book, especially on these cold, rainy and snow-bound days of winter.

You can order this book by clicking on the amazon icon to the right in the column. Tip: If you’re giving Doodles as a birthday gift, include a pack of crayons or markers. The book is only $10.99 and is bound as a pad so you can tear out and actually use the placemats.


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