Think Green


The Irish have been thinking green for centuries, and now I, too, have joined the bandwagon with The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day.

This story idea was inspired by elementary school teachers in Lodi, California who, when I visited their school, asked if I had a St. Patrick’s Day book. Upon learning I didn’t, they then told me that their students made leprechaun traps which they baited with golden trinkets. On the afternoon before St. Patrick’s Day, the teachers and janitor would spring all the traps and mess up the classrooms by turning over chairs and desks and making it appear as if a leprechaun had come looking for the trinkets. When I wrote this story, I paid ode to their shenanigans and have Tim and Maureen set a trap and catch a leprechaun, but they are soon out-tricked by him.

This book is available at bookstores, Amazon, and through Scholastic Book Club in its SeeSaw February flyer for only $1! No trick!

BOOKSIGNING ALERT! I’ll be reading and signing this book at Fortuna Library Days at the library starting at 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 14.


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