Reading Rainbow


I have the pleasure of being one of two judges for the kindergarten entries for the local Reading Rainbow contest sponsored by KEET-TV. I so look forward to judging because I love to see what these young minds are thinking. I also delight in their artwork, how they interpret shapes and mix the wildest colors together. It’s so honest.

So yesterday, I sat out on my deck, entries spread before me, and read the stories. At this age there’s not a whole lot of character development, or even conflict. But there is imagination. I got a kick out of the clown who carried around blue cotton candy and offered to share it with the bears at the zoo. I also loved the insect amusement park with its grasshopper merry-go-round. There was even a story that made me think it had potential as a real book, about a Mexican family who was divided – part lived in Mexico to tend to the sheep, and the others lived up here for work.

Judge number two will read the stories next, and then we’ll discuss our top choices, so I don’t know who won yet. Good luck, future writers and illustrators!


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