Chango Bar Bake-off


I don’t know about you, but I enjoy the back matter of a book as much as the story. So when writing Jalapeno Bagels many moons ago, I added back matter so that teachers could have some teaching tools to extend the reading experience. There’s a glossary plus two recipes for baked goods mentioned in the story.

At the time I wrote the book, I must admit I was more trustful of sources than I am today. When the bakery I fashioned this story from gave me their recipe for Chango Bars, I gladly reprinted it in the back matter. Unfortunately, I assumed they had tested the recipe so I didn’t. We have since heard from readers who have made the bars and found them to be very dry.

I have the opportunity to correct the time in the recipe, but before I do, I wanted a larger test group. If you are willing, (and you have family and friends who are also willing to taste your experiment) would you please make and bake the Chango Bar recipe in the back of Jalapeno Bagels and take it out of the oven when YOU think it’s done and let me know the cooking time. Then I’ll see what the consensus is and we’ll get’er fixed! Also, let me know if you used a glass or metal pan.


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  1. Thanks for the heads up on time! At 330 in my gas oven it took 35 minutes. (Gas ovens cook at lower temps I think.) I was so pleased to have the correct info to work with! I am sharing with some kids who didn’t know what they were, who will learn about them as they read your book next year. I am sure this “small taste” of second grade will have them “chomping at the bit” for more! 🙂 Roe

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