Grump in a Slump


Sometimes you write stories and they never see the publishing light of day. I wrote a collection of silly shorts which were meant to spotlight a certain vowel sound so that challenged readers could practice the sound in hopefully a fun way. I’ve resurrected these stories many times throughout the years with my agent, and I wonder if she’s actually doing me a favor but not sending them out. But every time I open up the file and reread them, I am still tickled by them. So I will share this one with you. The illustration is by my sister-in-law, Melinda Wing.


This is Grump.
Grump lives in a dump.
“I’m in a slump,” said Grump.
So he cleaned up his dump.
He found a camel with a hump.
An old rusty pump.
A fuzzy wump.
And a wheel that goes thump-thump.
“I know what I’ll do,” said Grump.
“I’ll sell a thing or two.”
He sold the old rusty pump.
The wheel that went thump-thump.
The fuzzy wump.
And the camel with the hump.
“I’m so happy I could jump!” shouted Grump.
So he jumped and jumped and jumped.
Happy Grump didn’t see the stump.
Bump! went his rump on the stump.
Now Grump has a lump on his rump.
But at least his place is not a dump.
And Grump is out of his slump.


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