A Hicklebee’s Hurrah


Last Thursday I drove down to San Jose to be part of Hicklebee’s Educator Night. Owner Valerie Lewis invited children’s authors to be the surprise guests during her book talk to teachers. A whopping 150 teachers attended, and many more were turned away, so you can imagine the energy at the bookstore! I spoke about An Eye for Color, then signed my books and met the teachers who will be sharing my biography in their classrooms.

One teacher from Trinity School in Menlo Park told me a tradition at their school is to buy a book in the name of whomever’s birthday it is – be it teacher or student – and donate it to the library. I thought that was a great idea.

I had the pleasure of sitting next to Alex Beard who drew animals inside his book covers for people who bought The Jungle Grapevine.

As a first-timer at Hicklebee’s I was asked to sign the bathroom wall, a tradition in her store. Now I share wall space with Mo Willems and J.K. Rowling.Thank you, Valerie, for inviting me!

Authors in above photo: Natasha Wing, Alex Beard, Sarah Klise, Teri Sloat, owner Valerie Lewis (in back), Betsy Franco, and Kristin Venuti.


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