What would you give your dinosaur?


I’ve got a new lift-the-flap book coming out September 28th called How to Raise a Dinosaur and I’ve been thinking up ways to promote it. I came across a funny chew toy shaped like a dinosaur and wondered if dogs chew dog bones, would dinosaurs chew dinosaur bones?

If you had a pet dinosaur, what would you give it for a chew toy?


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  1. So far Gus suggests:

    Feed him fish like on the video game.

    Or maybe meat, or chicken
    NO! Green vegetables, but corn on the cob would be good.

    And make him Dragon biscuits like they do for dogs, only they would have to be great big because they would be for a dinosaur.

    Oh, and you don't gotta cook his food cause he can do with his mouth fire.

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