Colorado Children’s Book Award


Now that I’m a Colorado author, I’ve been surfing the web (is that term still used? Sounds old.). Anyway, I’ve been looking at ways to network and for Colorado literary organizations and came across a few book awards, hoping, dreaming, that one day one of my books will be considered. A girl can dream, can’t she?

In the meantime, I found some writers I know on the book award lists! Fort Collins author, Laura Resau, won the Colorado Book Award for her YA novel, The Indigo Notebook. The 19th annual Book Awards were held in Aspen last Friday. The Colorado Book Awards is one of the oldest state book award programs in the country and recognizes outstanding contributions by Colorado authors, editors, illustrators and photographers in multiple categories: anthology/collection, biography, children’s literature, creative non-fiction, history, fiction, genre fiction, general non-fiction, juvenile literature, pictorial, poetry and young adult literature. Way to go, Laura!

And my friends, Mary Nethery and Kirby Larson, were the runner-up team for the 2010 Colorado Children’s Book Award in the Picture Book category. Hurray for Two Bobbies! More good news: their book, Nubs: A Mutt, a Marine, and a Miracle, is nominated for the 2011 award. So if you’re a Colorado library or school who wants to be involved in the voting process, check out the link above and it’ll send you to the nomination form. The books that win are chosen by the kids of Colorado, so it’s quite a special award.

I’m so proud of all three of you!


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  1. Thanks, Tash! Being a Colorado author sounds delightful, but I wish you were still a California author because I miss you! Can't wait to see your new book, How to Raise a Dinosaur!

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