The Secret to Lying


Just finished reading Todd Mitchell’s The Secret to Lying last night. It’s a YA novel about a boy who goes to a boarding school and takes this opportunity to reinvent himself as a “cooler” kid. As he tries to figure himself out, he battles inner demons through his dreams (there is some very inventive imagery) and he opens up to an IM-er who calls him on his lies. Even though I knew who the mysterious ghost44 was, it was still interesting to see if James would figure it out, and for me, to see how that character would act around him in person. Todd has a great way of keeping the chapters short, tight and moving along, and ending with page turners, so it is definitely a recommended read. Even though the character is 15, I bet guys heading off to college who might be thinking that college will give them a new chance to leave their high school rep behind and start anew, would also get something out of this story.


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