Breakfast with Marti


I read an article about a romance novelist who served as the maid of honor at a fan’s wedding. So when a fan emailed me that she was going to be passing through Fort Collins, and could we meet for breakfast, I said yes! Marti Hinckley had contacted me years ago when she was in a teaching program. She had picked me for her author presentation. She sent photos of the chimney she made for The Night Before the Night Before Christmas book, and it was really neat. (Marti got an A+!)

Now Marti is a teacher for a grade 1/2 combo class in Idaho, and uses my books to help teach writing to her students. So it was a pleasure to meet her and her four children at Denny’s, and hear how someone on the “front line” actually uses my books. She’s a wonderful person, and a brave one too, for taking a chance and asking a stranger to breakfast. (I guess I was brave, too.)

Thanks, Marti, and good luck with your new students!


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