Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Desk Gone?


I’m in a pickle with no real writing desk. When I moved, my wonderful built-in desk stayed in California. Now that I’m in my new Colorado home, I was using our old kitchen table as a desk. I sold it in a yard sale Saturday and now I’m writing on a narrow side table. Help! My desk space is shrinking!

I went looking for desks at a furniture store yesterday, and didn’t find one that I liked. Did I want a corner desk? Mega files? A cherrywood one? Definitely not a glass one. I think I have a glass table phobia from my childhood from eating Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents’ house in Massachusetts off a glass tabletop and being told to keep our elbows off. I wondered if the pressure of my elbows, along with the amount of food stacked on the glass top, would break it. Plus I don’t like fingerprints. So glass is out.

I don’t know why I’m so weird about having a suitable desk when so many people have the image of writers scribbling on scraps of paper in a dark, smoky bar. Or tapping away joyously on their laptops on the beach with one hand while while reaching for a mai-tai with the other.

So, until I get a desk, I wanted to share a cool place where writer Laura Resau works – a trailer.

If you’re a writer who has a cool writing space and would like to share it, please send a photo and I’ll post it here. In the meantime, the search continues for a desk.


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