Tour de Flat


Flat Stanley came to visit me from Mercury Mine Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona. He hadn’t been to Fort Collins, and so I took him on a tour. First, Flat Stanley saw my office and how many emails I have piled up – over 200!

Then we went to my neighborhood pool which overlooks the Rocky Mountains.

Then it was off to Old Town Fort Collins for a cool down by the fountains on Oak St.

And for a grand finale, Flat Stanley saw the Tour de Fat, a bike ride put on by New Belgium Brewery. Lots of riders recognized Flat Stanley and shouted out his name as they rode by. Here he is with one of his fans.

In honor of Flat Stanley’s visit, we renamed the bike ride, Tour de Flat.

Now Flat Stanley is tucked in an envelope heading back to Phoenix. Hope he doesn’t get caught in a shredder!

If you want to learn more about how Flat Stanley became flat, buy the book from Cookie Monkey Books.


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  1. Very Cool! I imagine Flat Stanley had an amazing, wonderful visit to Fort Collins. Especially during the Tour de Fat! How perfect is that? I hope his trip home is smooth.
    I'm excited to visit, too!

  2. Wow, I wish I was Stanley! What fun!
    But can I fit in an envelope……?

    I'll work on it.

    Your pal from the far north in the redwoods, in the fog….oh wait! I see a sliver of sunshine! Yay!

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