Halloween Poems II


Witch’s Spell
When the witch went off to school
She knew one subject well
She didn’t know her ABCs
But yikes that witch could spell!

Haunted House
The spooky house upon the hill belonged to Mr. Hyde.
They said it then, they say it still
“Been haunted since he died.”
Some swear they’ve seen his ghost appear
up on the upper floor.
Or felt a chill, and shook with fear
at the creeeaking door.
We took a chance and went inside
to see the ghost ourselves.
My best friend Bob ran out the door
when books flew off the shelves.
So Tom and I continued on
but then we heard the chain.
Tom raced back down the stairs and yelled,
“Get out you knuckle brain!”
The spooky house upon the hill
is haunted, so they say.
But creaking doors and rattling chains
don’t frighten me away.
I crept up to the upper floor
and saw what scared the town.
It was nothing but a mannequin
dressed up like a clown.

A blurry shape of a haunted past
Comes into my view
But when I look it doesn’t last
I only hear a boo.

Collage by Spencer, 8, of Fort Collins, Colorado


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