Meeting Garth Stein


Yeterday Jen, Kristi and I went to the CSU campus to see Garth Stein, Fort Collins Reads featured author for 2010. Stein wrote The Art of Racing in the Rain, a story narrated by a dog which is perfect for Fort Collins the Dog-Loving City. Both Dan and I had read this book back in California after a friend died of cancer, and after we had to put our dog to sleep, so you can imagine it was a tear-jerker for us. I have since passed the book on, but I do recommend it for both men and women. Stein knows how to push everyone’s buttons. And if you’re into race car driving, there are some great scenes and similes.

My favorite story Garth told at his presentation was about firing his agent two days before Thanksgiving, for not believing he could sell a story narrated by a dog. Well, he showed him!


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