Buy Local Authors


It’s one thing to shop local. You’re supporting neighborhood businesses. When you buy local products, you’re supporting both a business and an artisan – two entities within your community. That’s why when you give a book as a gift this year, please choose to purchase one written by a Fort Collins author.

Here are some suggestions for kids and teens on your list. And if you don’t have children, why not donate a book to your local public or school library, or give one to your Toys for Tots drive. They are always in need of gifts for teens.

By Colorado Book Award Winner, Laura Resau

15-year-old Zeeta and her flighty mother live in a different country every year. This year, in the Ecuadoran Andes, Zeeta helps an American boy search for his birth parents. With him, she encounters adventure, mystery, love, and ultimately, the truth about what she really wants.

In this companion to The Indigo Notebook, Zeeta continues her adventures in the southern French town of Aix-en-Provence, where she encounters captivating street performers, age-old secrets, and mysteries of love.

By acclaimed novelist, Todd Mitchell

A teenage boy takes advantage of being the new student at school and reinvents himself.  Things get out of control in a sharp, funny, poignant, and compulsively readable novel that gives a coming-of-age theme a surprising twist. Selected by the Texas Library Association for the 2011 Teen Reading List.

By WWII author, Teresa Funke

The Home-Front Heroes Series are books inspired by the stories of real people during WWII. Ideal for history buffs and teachers, too!

By praised teen author, Amy Kathleen Ryan

Zen is the “good” sister with a black belt in karate and a newfound penchant for kicking heads. Xander is a wild scientific genius with a self-destructive streak. They have three things in common: they’re brown-eyed blondes, they’ve noticed the boy next door has turned into a hottie, and they miss their deceased mom. Xander spirals into a vortex of late-night parties, scary men, and drugs. She’s about to ruin her chance at college. Should Zen keep trying to protect Xander, or finally let her go? 

By national best-selling author, Natasha Wing

For dinosaur lovers: a tongue-in-cheek guide to caring for a pet dinosaur with wild illustrations and fun lift-the-flaps. 

Find these books at: Old Firehouse Books, Bookends, Clothes Pony and Dandelion Toys, Reader’s Cove, and Barnes & Noble on So. College. Nature’s Own also carries How to Raise a Dinosaur.

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