Recommended Books by My Writer Friends Across the Country


Some of my writer friends had new books come out this year so I wanted to give a shout out to them in case you’re stumped as to what to give your book-loving children or relatives this holiday.

An enchanting cat story by best-selling author, Mary Nethery

In Venice in the 1890s, a plain white cat, left to fend for scraps, makes his way into the heart of a cafe owner who has nothing to spare. In no time at all, though, Nini becomes a celebrity, hosting visits from the composer Giuseppe Verdi, the king and queen of Italy, and even Pope Leo XIII. Nini’s fame helps save the struggling business. But is his stardom enough to produce a small miracle of a different sort?

A new historic novel by Newbery Honor Award winner, Kirby Larson

Piper Davis awaits news of her brother, a sailor on the battleship Arizona stationed in Pearl Harbor. Explosions rule the earth and sky, and Piper wonders what will become of her brother, and of her life in Seattle, as blackouts and rationing take hold. Soon, Piper is greeted by another grim situation—the incarceration of her Japanese neighbors.

A clever biography by Sibert Honor winner, Barbara Kerley

In pursuit of truth, Susy Clemens, age 13, vows to set the record straight about her beloved (and misunderstood) father and becomes his secret biographer. The child’s journal entries, reproduced in flowing handwritten, smaller folio inserts, add a dynamic and lovely pacing to the narrative, which includes little-known facts about Twain’s work. 

A twisted bed-time story by master storyteller, Helen Ketteman

Little Monster needs to get ready for bed. That means howling at the moon, scrubbing his scales, getting into his creepy PJs, and enjoying a nice snack before bed: worm juice and baked beetle bread. And, of course, Little Monster’s mother is nearby to tuck Little Monster into bed and turn on his night-light-because even little monsters can be afraid of the dark. Bonnie Leick’s soft, child-friendly illustrations bring a new and quiet twist to the evening’s bedtime ritual.

A book about words by poet and writing coach, Ann Whitford Paul

Where would a sentence be without words? And what’s a word without letters? Just like when constructing a building you have to build your words from the ground up. This book came out in 2009, but is timeless.

All of these books can be purchased at my online bookstore:
 Cookie Monkey Books.


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