Authors Who Skype for Free


Teachers, in case you’re looking for ways to introduce your students to authors, but your school doesn’t have the budget, why not Skpye one for free?

Here’s a blog that list authors who will present for up to 20 minutes free to various age groups, in exchange for reading their books. (I’m the very last author listed, so keep on scrollin’.) For my Skype visits I can also offer signed books delivered to your school for free shipping. Such a deal!

So please pass this valuable list on to your fellow teachers, and then give an author a call.


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  1. Hi I am a /tech specialist in Florida (Palm Harbor) on the west coast. I work at Sutherland Elementary. After our spring break but before Easter I was going to have an author study and read your book, The Night Before Easter. It would be wonderful to setup a Skype session with you. I’m thinking April 3rd, 4th, 5th. The earlier in the day the better.

  2. Hello, I am the Computer teacher for St. Charles Elementary School. I would love to set up something wiith you for a Skype session. I know that our kindergarten and first grade teachers read several of your books, we would be willing to set up a Skype session with you as soon as it is convenient for you. If we dont have the book we will get it. I see the kinder garten children on Wednesdays, and First grade on Fridays. Let us know when would be good for you.

    • Just back from Yellowstone (and working on a new book about the Parks). I would love to Skype with your students. I prefer classrooms versus library or auditorium Skype sessions since I want this to be a more casual and intimate experience for the kids. I encourage students to come up to the camera and ask questions so that’s easier with smaller groups. Send me a few dates that you are considering and I will check my calendar. I’m on Mountain time.

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