Graduation Gift for Preschoolers


As the school year nears an end, preschools across the country are gearing up for graduation.

I’ve had schools contact me for signed copies of The Night Before Kindergarten to give to each kid who graduates from their preschool to prepare them for Kindergarten. One district at Wheatland AFB started this tradition more than 5 years ago and has already ordered 185 copies! I’ll be signing book plates for them with each child’s name on it.

New this May is a companion book The Night Before KindergartenA Sticker Story book with 16 pages of scenes from the book and 75 stickers with which to decorate the pages.

Some schools will be handing out The Night Before Kindergarten to incoming students during their open houses, meet the teacher day, or the first day of school.

For those graduating Kindergarten I have The Night Before First Grade.
And if you’re looking for a way to prepare your child for preschool, The Night Before Preschool comes out May 12th.

Whether it’s preschool, Kindergarten or first grade, I’ve got you covered!

Contact me if you’re purchasing any of these books for graduation gifts and you’d like signed copies or book plates.

School books


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