Mother’s Day Book Review


This review appeared on Amazon. There might be some good ideas for your kids on how they can help celebrate Mother’s Day. (It’s Sunday, May 8th.)

The Night Before Mother’s Day is a great read-along that kids and parents will love. This story is not only adorable, but also teaches children that showing love and affection by pampering your mother is a fun and delightful thing to do. The great thing about this story is it not only shows how fun Mother’s Day can be for everyone, but also gives some great ideas about what to do to show your love on this special day! Making “fancy cards, special coupons” and baking cakes and frosting are adorable gifts for a mom, and kids will have a great time doing them! 

I highly recommend this book for all children. After reading this book, kids will look at Mother’s Day as fun-filled and exciting! The illustrations are colorful and cute, filled with all of the vibrant shades of springtime. I wish I had gotten to read this as a kid! Filled with colors, craft ideas, and cakes, and home spas, this book captures the perfect Mother’s Day! 

Diana Goodwin


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