Get Ready for School


Watch my new You Tube video for my get-ready-for-school books.


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  1. Please make ALL of your books hardcover!! 🙂 I've bought all the hardcovered books for my newborn son and plan on reading them every NIGHT BEFORE a big event. I LOVE THEM!!! Even as an infant he gets excited when I read them to him :)I tell everyone to buy them for their children. I hope you'll make the paperbacks into hardcovers so I can add them to our collection. I hope he reads them to his children one day. Thanks! Great Books!!!

  2. I wish my books could also be in hardback, but they are put out under a paperback line, and that's why they are so affordable. But if you go to Amazon you'll see some of my books offered in Library or School Binding format. That means the books are hardback. They will cost more, of course, but at least they will be more durable so your children can read my books to their children! Thanks for commenting!

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