The Picture Book is Not Dead

by Bob Barner

Day of the Dead picture book

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November 2nd is the Day of the Dead when loved ones who have passed return in spirit. Altars are decorated with things that represent the departed such as toys, favorite sweet treats and drink, photos and tiny skeleton dolls. Then incense is burned to attract his or her spirit.

A New York Times article proclaimed that the picture book was dead. Yet I have hope that we can call it back from the dead by visiting the altars to books – libraries and bookstores. Then when you light your flashlight under your covers, you will awaken the spirit of storytelling and celebrate the return of the picture book.

To read an insightful take on how the picture book can make a comeback, check out this article.

Discussion point: Do you think we need to bring back the picture storybook – a picture book with longer text?


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