Testing out Nook Book


Last Saturday at the library they were putting on a demonstration of the reading tablets. Since I am not a techie, nor am I interested in stuffing my pockets, purses, and arms with electronic gadgets, I decided at least I should see what’s out there to be familiar with the new reading and communicating tools. What I was most interested in was how picture books showed up on the screen. I might be prejudiced, but I leaned toward the iPad. I liked the softness of the reading screen, and the friendliness of the graphics.

Our library is carrying Nook Book tablets which can be borrowed. There’s a collection of e-books that the library has already downloaded and patrons can read on the Nook, so I signed one out to see if I enjoyed this new form of reading. The first book I read was Nubs, written by two writer friends of mine, Mary Nethery and Kirby Larson, and thought it looked pretty good.

What I find most exciting is the interactiveness of the story (although who needs Mom now that reading voices and touch screens are at a kid’s service?). I spoke to a mom who thinks these devices are great. She can just hand her Nook to her kid and let them entertain themselves. That dismissiveness bothered me, but I can see when traveling, how the device would be convenient. No more looking through the carry-all bag for a book. No more dealing with an upset kid who left his papers book home. Just download it! Plus how many women will be spared carrying 20 pound bags full of books and toys? So I will give it a try. I even uploaded an original Christmas story to see how this whole alternative publishing venue will work. If you can find it among the myriad of choices, check out Nook Books and Kindle Books for my title The Legend of Christmas Island and read it while you’re going over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house.

Buy Your Own Nook Book


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