The Twelve Books of Christmas


Today I am beginning a blog series called “The Twelve Books of Christmas.” Each day from Dec. 1 to Dec. 12 I will showcase a book written by a Fort Collins, Colorado author. Please spread the Support Local Businesses love by purchasing a book by a local author at a local bookstore. That way your purchase will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Two independent bookstores that I recommend in Fort Collins are: Old Firehouse Books in Old Town, and Reader’s Cove on Harmony Rd. You can also find books at JAX Outdoor Gear on North College, Clothes Pony in Old Town, and the Northern Colorado Writers Studio at 108 East Monroe Drive
(Across from Tres Margaritas). Ask if they have any autographed copies in stock.

If you like art, then you’ll love…

How the West Was Drawn: Cowboy Charlie’s Art is a non-fiction children’s picture book for ages 7-12 (but actually for 7-107) that interactively looks at the art of Charles Marion Russell, famous American West painter/sculptor around the turn of the 20th Century. Questions encourage readers to see things casual viewers miss. A fun read for children and adults alike. It’ll keep the kids busy on Christmas day and beyond.

Linda L. Osmundson is the author of art, children, parent, Senior, teacher, newspaper, religious, travel, Chicken Soup and Family Circle articles. Her next book in the series, Frederic Remington’s Art, comes out February 2012. Visit Linda’s website for more information.

Linda Osmundson

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