The Third Book of Christmas


Today is Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day

This is the third day of my “The Twelve Books of Christmas” blog series. Each day through December 12 I will showcase a book written by a Colorado author who lives in the Fort Collins area. Please spread the Support Local Businesses love by purchasing a book by a local author at a local bookstore. That way your purchase will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Two independent bookstores that I recommend in Fort Collins are: Old Firehouse Books in Old Town, and Reader’s Cove on Harmony Rd. You can also find books at JAX Outdoor Gear on North College, Clothes Pony in Old Town, and the Northern Colorado Writers Studio at 108 East Monroe Dr. (Across from Tres Margaritas). Ask if they have any autographed copies in stock.

If you like science fact and fiction, you’ll love…

A gift for young adults

Walk the beaches of ancient seashores 67 million years ago with “J”, a mysterious time traveler familiar with the territory. Enjoy the glittering shells of now extinct ammonites and baculites and watch young plesiosaurs hatch and thrash their way home beneath the waves. Make way for herds of dinosaurs that use the shoreline as a seasonal highway. Listen for predators who search the beach for unwary prey. And join the time traveler in his search for the amazing creatures that transformed the Mesozoic world and helped make this place the dinosaurs’ last seashore.

The Dinosaurs Last Seashore will appeal to wannabe time travelers of all ages who love learning about the age of dinosaurs and see it come alive with elegant, black and white illustrations. This book honors the writing and vision of Loren Eiseley, a scientist who was also an accomplished literary artist. The Dinosaurs’ Last Seashore was a finalist in the Colorado Author’s League awards for YA nonfiction.

The Dinosaurs’ Last Seashore is available from Biostration at Also, check there for information on other books and services by the author, including school visits. The book is also available at the Third Annual Just in Time Art Show at 1154 West Mountain Ave. in Fort Collins from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. today.

Gary Raham

Gary Raham, author of 17 books for children and adults, specializes in writing and illustrating science fact and science fiction. Raham’s background as a biology teacher, naturalist, and amateur paleontologist, provide him with rich resources from which to spin this wild adventure tale that spans deep time and deep space with memorable characters and solid science.


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