The Sixth Book of Christmas


This is the sixth day of my “The Twelve Books of Christmas” blog series. Each day through December 12 I will showcase a book written by a Colorado author who lives in the Fort Collins area. Please spread the Support Local Businesses love by purchasing a book by a local author at a local bookstore. That way your purchase will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Two independent bookstores that I recommend in Fort Collins are: Old Firehouse Books in Old Town, and Reader’s Cove on Harmony Rd. You can also find books at JAX Outdoor Gear on North College, Clothes Pony in Old Town, and the Northern Colorado Writers Studio at 108 East Monroe Dr. (Across from Tres Margaritas). Ask if they have any autographed copies in stock.

If you like comic books, you’ll love…

Book 4 in the Aldo Zelnick Comic Novel Series

Back at school after summer vacation, Aldo meets Danny—a deaf boy who will be a new student at Aldo’s school. Danny challenges Aldo from day one, and it will take a lot of back-and-forth to figure out if they can get along. But Danny’s not the only new fly in Aldo’s bacon grease. Aldo soon meets his cute new art teacher and finds himself doing crazy things, like losing the ability to speak when she’s around. Embarrassed about his artistic abilities, Aldo has always underplayed his talent at school, but there’s something about art class this year that spurs him to go all out in a brazen attempt to win the school art contest. All this and Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Dungeons & Dragons, Dagwood sandwiches, the continuing adventures of Bacon Boy, oodles of divine D words, and so much more YOU might just find yourself dumbstruck. In a good, laugh-out-loud kind of way.

Karla Oceanak, Karla Spanjer

Author Karla Oceanak is a public speaker for childhood literacy and has been a writer and editor for more than 20 years. Illustrator Kendra Spanjer is a studio artist and cartoonist. They both live in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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