Setting Writing Goals


I have a lot of unfinished stories, and dreams of writing longer manuscripts other than picture books, so I put together a list of writing goals for 2012. With my agent’s input, this is what I whittled them down to in the order of what I hope to accomplish:

1) Finish revisions of a Christmas picture book that an editor showed interest in.

2) Rewrite the first chapters of a tweenage novel and submit it to my agent before my birthday. (I like deadlines)

3) Develop a picture book biography.

4) Develop one of my picture book characters into an easy read series.

5) If an editor gives me the green light, develop an easy read series with 2 new characters.

6) Finish writing The Magic Conch and submit it to my agent for a decision on whether it should be submitted to a traditional publisher or released as an e-book.

7) Finish illustrating a picture book I started last winter.

I know, I know. It’s gonna be a busy year, but I’m energized!



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  1. It’s good to have goals! I’m making my first attempt at writing a fiction story. Maybe I should set my sights for something smaller to start with.

    Best of luck meeting your goals!

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