Ode to Mom and Dad


Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up so I wanted to share some old photos of my parents taken when we lived in Connecticut. Aren’t black-and-white photos great? The nostalgia is palatable. Check out my mom with her cool glasses.

The Lazutin girls.

I’m the girl standing wearing a hat and a mini-Jackie O coat. And that little cutie is my sister, Nina.

Here we are again with my dad.

Daddy's girls.

I’m still rocking a cool coat and hat, and my sister was even cuter. Nice widow’s peak, Dad! Apparently that white picket fence made a good backdrop. BTW, I also have a brother, but he’s probably playing with his Matchboxes somewhere while we were posing.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for being my parents for more than 50 years! (Although you can stop parenting me now. You did a good job.)

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