Farewell my Feline Friend


Strawberry moon

Sometime during the night, on the eve of the full Strawberry moon, my kitty cat, Jemima, passed away.

As a couple without children, Jemima was our furry family member. We got her as a kitten when we lived in California – the cutest little calico in the litter – and she drove across the West with us when we moved to Colorado two years ago.

She was “mamma’s girl”, always following me around, the two of us talking back and forth. She loved to take naps with me, or lay by my feet when I was working on my computer creating stories. Jemima was the inspiration for cat character Mittens Abercrombie, curator and famous catologist for the Museum of Modern Animals, in an adventure book I co-wrote with two other cat-loving writer friends. Although that story has yet to be published, it was fun to channel Jemima into a talking character who was full of spunk and intellect.

And now she’s gone.

The house is quiet. I don’t feel like writing.

You know what it’s like when you finish a really good book and you don’t want it to end?  But I must close the cover, and let her live in my imagination.

Farewell, my feline friend. I loved you so.

One of her favorite places, the deck.


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  1. Always tough to lose an animal friend. We had a calico once that looked a bit like yours. Now we’ve bonded with an older Bichon who will be hard to part with when the time comes.

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