Back-to-School Blog Tour in Full Swing!


A page from The Night Before First Grade of teacher greeting students back to school.

As kids head to school for the first time, or back to school for a new year, I’ll be touring mommy and writer blogs offering anecdotes and discussions of my school-themed Night Before books. So won’t you stop in at these blogs and have a good read? And please support these bloggers by signing up and/or sharing their post with other mommies, parents and teachers. Thank you, and happy back to school!

August 22 – Morgen Bailey’s Author Spotlight

August 27 – Colorado is for Writers!

September 1 – Melissa Northway (win a set of my Night Before school books)

September 2 – Word Spelunking

September 3 – Gidgets Bookworms

September 5 – The Book Faerie

September 6 – From Tots to Teens (win a The Night Before First Grade book)

Check back for updates…

Mommy Poppins blog is giving away back-to-school swag during their Swagapalooza through September 15 – but mine ends Sept 9th!  I’m giving away a Night Before book package along with a classroom Skype visit. You can enter here.


                                                          1stGrade200x200Preschool copy


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  1. I recently read your book The Night Before Halloween, and I loved it! On top of elementary education being my major, Halloween is my favorite holiday! So as I was reading your book, I was getting excited about it and planning how I would share it with students and ideas were popping up in my head about how I could decorate my room for Halloween! When I was asked to choose a book for a book trailer project we were doing, I chose your book, of course, and I wanted to share it with you.The trailer can be found on at Thanks so much for sharing this book, because it inspired me to work hard in school so one day I can share it in my way classroom!

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