Happy Birthday, Daisy!


Today marks the birthdate of the founder of the Girls Scouts USA – Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low. She was a vivacious and quirky character whose energy and desire to empower girls drove her to establish an organization where girls could explore things other than domestic skills like sewing. They would learn sports, code talk, about the great outdoors, and most importantly, how to take care of themselves, not just how to be good wives. As a child who was a Girl Scout, I salute, Daisy!

I’d also like to recommend a comprehensive biography of Daisy, written by my writer friend, Ginger Wadsworth. I recently saw her at the Humboldt County Author Festival and was privileged to get a signed copy.





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  1. I too was a Girl Scout (still can’t resist those cookies) and hold Juliette Lowe in highest esteem. Scouting can give a girl confidence to try new things as she grows into womanhood.

      • Once a girl scout always a girl scout! I still have two little piece of felt (one brown for Brownies and one green for Girl Scouts) with my Girl Scout pins on them. I use them as my profile picture during cookie sales. Fingers crossed for publication of your article soon!

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