A Christmas Picture Book…for Moms!



My writer friend, Ann Whitford Paul, has put on her take-charge hat and has published her own children’s book. Ann is already traditionally published, but she had a story she wanted to tell about Christmas, and found an artist to illustrate it. My signed copy arrived in the mail yesterday and I wanted to share it with you.

This is a story about a mother who’s been through the Christmas hurricane, and is dreading cleaning up the mess left behind by her kids. She is saved by …hey, I don’t want to give it away!

The book starts off:

‘Twas the late night of Christmas,

when all through the house

everyone was exhausted, even the mouse.

It’s not so much a kids book, but a mommy book. It would make a great gift to your girlfriend or sister-in-law, or a husband to his wife, to acknowledge the trials of Christmas and assure her not to worry, that all will be taken care of.

To order a copy from Barnes & Noble, go to this link.

Also, you can follow Mrs. Saint Nick’s ideas for a stress-free Christmas here.


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  1. You are so incredibly sweet to post about TWAS THE LATE NIGHT OF CHRISTMAS. Just want your readers to know that I no longer sell pre-orders through the link you provided. However the book is available through Barnes & Noble and Amazon and soon through iTunes with Jane Kaczmarek (the amazing mother of Malcolm in the Middle) doing the reading.

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