3 weeks until Xmas Eve!


Hard to believe, but there are only three weeks before Christmas Eve.

I confess: I like Christmas Eve better than Christmas Day. There’s something about the magicalness of anticipation: gifts wrapped waiting to reveal what’s inside, the tree sparkling at night with lights and ornaments with presents stacked at its base. And by the time Christmas Eve comes along, whatever you didn’t get done for Christmas, you may as well just resign to the fact that you missed the deadline and enjoy the evening – with a cup of spiked eggnog.

For those of you who are still trying to get Christmas done – and have the habit of putting things off until the last minute – have I got a book for you. The Night Before the Night Before Christmas is a children’s picture book, but it appeals to all ages. It’s about a family who’s rocket-sledding into the holiday while Mom has the flu. All appears to be total chaos until the family realizes what’s most important about Christmas.

Holiday Humor

Holiday Humor

Here’s a fun read for after the Christmas chaos where the overwhelmed mom is saved by Mrs. St. Nick.


To make you feel better, even Santa is under pressure at Christmas! How would you like to find out that you missed a whole city of kids and had to work your elves overtime to make toys? That’s what happens when Santa learns of the merchildren in The Legend of Christmas Island.

Kindle edition

We all start off the season with a Norman Rockwell or Martha Stewart image of how we’d like Christmas to turn out. But let’s get real and enjoy the holidays however we can with a sense of humor.


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