Birthday Game Deadline Extended


My mom and me.

In celebration of the night before my birthday, I am giving away two copies of my new book, The Night Before My Birthday.

Here’s how to win a signed copy:

1) Guess what time I was born on February 7th. The person to come closest wins. (Still taking guesses. See hint below.)

2) Guess which Chinese animal sign I was born under. First person to get it right wins. (We have a winner! Year of the Rat.)

You have until midnight February 14, 2014 to submit your guesses.

On your mark, get set, go!


6 responses »

  1. Let’s see, Genevieve has already won with the second question, so I’m going to guess 2:07 p.m. as your time of birth!

      • Okay, wee hours of the morning…I’m going to guess 12:22 a.m. That’s what time my daughter was born, so it seems like a great time to me! Thanks for extending the contest!

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