My Favorite Autobiography for Children



I’ve always loved the bright colors and energy of Lois Ehlert’s collages (Think Chicka Chicka Boom Boom). So when I read that she had written an autobiography, I had to check it out. What attracted me to her book was how she incorporated both real photos and artwork from her books, as if art is just as real as life, because it IS her life. She also gives an inviting peek into her studio and how she creates her collages that children will love and adults will admire. There’s even sketches and a storyboard to illustrate the book designing process that’s perfect for teachers to use when talking about books. After reading The Scraps Book, I wanted to be an illustrator!

I highly recommend this book for children curious about art, teachers wanting to introduce students to the art of book making, and adults who are fascinated with how artists work and create.

Scraps project: Create an Easter egg out of scraps and found objects. Send it to me via email ( and I’ll post it here.


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