Kids Questions


Letter from second grader.

I received a packet of letters from Mr. Mauldin’s class in California who read Jalapeño Bagels. In their letters were a bunch of questions. I thought I’d share the answers since many kids ask me similar questions when I do school visits.

Merani, Aaron, Nicholas, asked if I had a partner in writing the story? No, I wrote it myself, but I did have help from my writers group and my editor to fix it.

Leilah asked: What is your favorite food? I like pizza. What is your favorite hobby? Collecting squished pennies. What do you do on the weekend? Walk, ride my bike, get outside.

Leilah, Kim, Cydney, Agustin want to know: Do you have kids? No, just a cat, Purrsia.

Emils, Ishan and Jasleen asked if I’m a bakery person. I do like to bake but I don’t work at a bakery.

Jacob wants to know if I have a limo. No, I drive a Subaru Forester. Red.

Abigail Guillen, Agustin, Panth, Danielle and Michelle want to know how old I am. I was born on February 7, 1960.

Ramses asked if I think of other stories? All the time! I would love to get a new story with this family published.

Ryan and Kassandra ask: How many stories have you written? More than 125 but only 23 were made into books. The others are hoping to be books one day. Some are just for practice.

Aislyn asked: How do you make all the books? Lots of time sitting down at the computer, trying to figure out the best way to say things, changing words, moving sentences and writing and rewriting until I feel like I have a good story. It could take months or years until I’m done. When one story is finished, I start another one.

Johann wants to know if I am married. I’ve been married for 26 years.

Daniel Sanchez wants to know what my favorite sport is. I like to do skiing but like to watch football once in a while.

Daniel also wants to know my favorite bakery food. I like chocolate chip cookies and carrot cake. (but now I’m gluten-free)

Vanessa wants to know if I am Mexican. No, I am American with a father who was born in Ukraine.

Sebastian and Agustin asked me if I’m nice. Yes, sometimes too nice. But I’d rather be kind than uncaring.

Keep on being curious!


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