New Book Released

The latest in The Night Before series.

The latest in The Night Before series.

The newest Night Before title about Hanukkah was a challenge for me. For one, there are eight days of celebrating versus one. So did the night before refer to the first night or second night or third night or? Secondly, which spelling of Hanukkah should I use in the title and text? Hanukkah or Chanukah? And lastly, I’m not Jewish. So for this story I called on some Jewish friends from high school.

There’s an Amity Regional High School Facebook page so I threw out some questions like, “What did you eat to celebrate?” Where did you place your menorah? Did you give presents every night or just the last night? What games did you play? And I got back some wonderful nuggets, some of which I incorporated into my story. I’m giving a shout out to Mike Stern for the candle idea.

I’m excited to announce that The Night Before Hanukkah was released today and want to thank everyone for their input.


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