Santa’s Silly Sleigh Team Try Outs


I want to shout it out to the world, I LOVE THE ILLUSTRATIONS IN THIS BOOK!

When Blake Ross’s youngest child asked, “Daddy, why doesn’t Santa use elephants?” the question sparked an idea. What if Santa had different animals try out for the position of sleigh puller?

Santa Elephants cover

In Daddy…why doesn’t Santa use ELEPHANTS? Ross has published a hilarious take on why Santa had to rule out other animals before deciding on reindeer to pull his sleigh. He sets this book up as an alphabetical tryout of animals and why they weren’t suited to help Santa. For example, monkeys drove Santa bananas. Giraffes were a pain in the neck. And skunks…

Santa Elephants

Because the illustrations are so clever and full of energy and humor, I can almost forgive him for not including an animal from every letter of the alphabet, missing the mark of marketing this as an alphabet book as well as a Christmas book. Still, kids will love the silliness and adults will get the hidden humor. The large format of the 40-page book (10″x12″) is wonderfully suited to the dynamic art that seems to burst from the page.

Ross is a graphic designer who has ventured into self-publishing children’s books. I would love for him to illustrate one of mine! His work has a child-like sensibility that naturally brings a smile to one’s face. Plus he’s great at playing with the borders of the physical book. This book begs to be read before Christmas and would prompt a fun art project for kids by having them draw different animals pulling Santa’s sleigh. I wonder how a Pushmi-pullyu would do?


To purchase a book click here.


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