2015 Gift Guide for Outdoor Families


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I don’t often hold back on buying good winter gear because I think being warm and comfortable is the best way to enjoy winter.  BUT the holidays always seem like a good reason to replace an aging item or invest in something new.  Since I always enjoy reading what other families recommend as outdoorsy gifts, here are some winter themed items that we’ve enjoyed so much I’d recommend!

1. Kombi Moose Mitts

If you’re a parent of a young toddler and your kid likes wearing mitts…wait, does that even exist?! Surely it must but I’m guessing many can relate to the difficulty of keeping mitts on.  These moose mitts have been a huge help in getting Little Bear to keep mittens on.  They’re most effective when talked up (“Do you want to take your moose hiking?”) and I love that they’re warm and water repellent.

moosemitts2. Good quality toddler winter boots.


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Two Authors, One Voice for the Voiceless by Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery

Two Authors, One Voice for the Voiceless by Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery

Nerdy Book Club

Hurricane Katrina has been called the largest and most devastating natural disaster in the history of our country. Ten years ago this week we watched in deep sadness as our fellow Americans suffered great losses.

But out of horrific experiences come opportunities for giving and receiving love. As author Tory McClure, (A Pearl In the Storm) wrote, “Love is what makes our humanity bearable.”

After Hurricane Katrina hit, thousands of volunteers put their unconditional love and friendship on display as they poured into the Gulf Coast; their numbers included Kirby who flew first to Pearlington, Mississippi, and then Houma, Louisiana, to help with clean-up and rebuilding.

But, as we discovered, love, friendship, and loyalty are not reserved for the human species. Two tender pets — Bobbi, a five-month-old puppy and Bob Cat, just out of kittenhood — managed to survive Hurricane Katrina by lending each other a paw.  In…

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@NatashaWing #BackToSchool Memories!


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Author Natasha Wing


It’s back-to-school time! What do you remember from starting Kindergarten?

I couldn’t wait to go to Kindergarten! I got ready by practicing my alphabet, trimming up my bangs,and buying new clothes, pencils, paper and a lunchbox. To this day I still love newly-sharpened pencils.

Did you like school?Natasha Wing

Loved it! I was a curious kid who enjoyed learning so I was a good student. I loved my teachers.

Did you like to write as a child?

Yes! My mom saved a few of my stories and apparently I liked squirrels. I may have to write a squirrel story.

Wing officeWhen did you know you wanted to be an author?

I didn’t know until I was 32. I was working at a newspaper after college, then at my own PR firm, and was looking for something more creative. I remembered how much I liked working with artists and loved…

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Tribute to Parents, 6 Books for Mother’s & Father’s Day


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2015-04-08 13.16.35 http://www.theseniorvoice.com

As Mother’s Day is only one month away with Father’s Day quickly following, now is a good time to purchase some special books to celebrate! Quarterly I have the opportunity to write for The Senior Voice in the section: “Grand Times, Reading with Your Grandkids”. (Thank you Heidi Frankel for that opportunity!) In the next newspaper, these are the books I highlight for the holidays:

Mother’s Day “Must-Reads”:

2015-04-08 13.03.35

The Night Before Mother’s Day
By Natasha Wing, Illustrated by Amy Wummer

Natasha Wing’s series starts off each holiday perfectly. Her Mother’s Day book is no exception. The family sends mom off on a run with her friends while they prepare surprises for Mom’s Day. The next morning, they have the “spa” set up in the kitchen, brunch and a bouquet of flowers, and lots of love all ready for Mom. “Mom thanked us for everything—it brought her such cheer. She wished it could be…

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ALL FOUR STARS is out in paperback today!


Tara Dairman

All Four Stars by Tara Dairman CoverHip, hip, hooray!

Happy April 7–otherwise known as the paperback release date for my first novel, All Four StarsI’m incredibly excited about this for several reasons.

1) More affordable price point. Hardcovers are gorgeous and durable, but can be too expensive for some families to afford. When I was growing up, my appetite for books was insatiable, and parents only ever bought me paperbacks. So the feel of a paperback in my hand is really the quintessential reading experience for me. I’m excited that the lower price point of a paperback will help All Four Stars make the leap into more young readers’ hands

2) Bonus content. The paperback of All Four Stars contains recipes for two dishes mentioned in the book! Of course, I’ve had recipes from the book available here on my website since the book was first released, but it’ll be extra nice for young readers to…

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